Custom Designs

Custom Designs for Cabinets and Other Products

Cabinets and Furniture Custom-Designed
to Your Preference

When you go to purchase a cabinet or other home furniture from a retailer in your area, you may find some nice products, but the chances of finding exactly what you hoped for are slim to none. To truly customize your own designs for everything from cabinets to vanities, talk to the professionals from the Mid-Ohio Valley’s premier custom-designed furniture providers at Rauch’s Cabinets, LLC. Whether you live in Parkersburg or Marietta, our qualified staff works with you every step of the way to help you custom design cabinets, wet bars, bathroom vanities, entertainment centers, and much more for your home or business. These handcrafted, custom designs brighten up anyone’s kitchen, bathroom, or living room, and leave a great impression on any visiting family members, neighbors, or friends. If you have a custom design you think would look great on a cabinet, vanity, or wet bar for your home or business, call Rauch’s Cabinets, LLC at (740) 678-2211. You can also contact us online for more information about our custom design procedures.

Proudly Working with Mid-Ohio Valley Residents and Business Owners

If you own a home or a business in the Mid-Ohio Valley region, you can count on the staff at Rauch’s Cabinets, LLC to work closely with you every step of the way when finding a custom design for your cabinets, wet bars, entertainment centers, and vanities. Whether you need a wet bar for your home or cabinets for your business, our staff has made visions become reality since 1992. Over the years, as our handcrafted products have remained up to our world-class standards, our prices have remained affordable for our valued clients as well.

Choosing Rauch’s for your custom designs can turn your living room, kitchen, and even your office into an aesthetically-pleasing and convenient location. Feel free to call or visit us in person in Fleming, OH, and get started on custom-designing the cabinets, vanities, and entertainment centers of your dreams.